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Instant Downloads - Auction 'O Matic Software

TurnKey Software Will Make Your
eBay Auctions Look Amazing!



The Secret of eBay Success!

Auction-O-Matic produces great results but also saves you time preparing your advert for submission. Because of the simple way everything is laid out, it only takes you a couple of minutes from start to finish. The end result is a stunning interactive auction advert - even if you're a complete beginner. Nearly everything is done automatically for you, in fact all you need to do is 'fill-in-the-blanks' and presto, you will end up with an amazing advert for your eBay listing!


  • Works With All Online Auction Sites Including eBay™

  • Automatically generates all the HTML and Javascript coding by itself!

  • Automatically changes background colors to your selection

  • Automatically displays up to 6 regular photo's which you have uploaded to the Internet.

  • Automatically creates interactive pop up windows for 6 more 'super-size' photo's you have uploaded to the Internet.

  • Automatically displays your company logo which you have uploaded to the Internet

  • Automatically aligns and frames your logo's and photo's to make them stand out.

  • Automatically changes the paragraph alignment, font colors, font faces, font cases for every area of your listing.

  • Automatically "copies" all of the code generated to your computers clip board so all you need to do is "paste" the code into eBay

  • Automatically allows to you to preview your finished advert before submission in a browser window so you can check everything looks just right.


"If you want your auction listing to look professional, you'll want this auction template software."

Rick Norris (eBay PowerSeller)

"Since I started using Auction-O-Matic, my eBay auction listings look better than ever before and my sales have gone through the roof. Plus, it only takes a few minutes per day to create my daily eBay listings."

Jessica Sloan (eBay PowerSeller)

Auction 'O Matic - Software for eBay Sellers