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More About ABC Design Studio:

At ABC Design Studio, we develop and sell only REAL LIVE, uniquely developed website businesses! If you are looking for
websites that produce revenue then you have come to the right place.

Each niche website business provides multiple streams of revenue for the owner because of the built-in linking partnerships with leading affiliate programmes. You will be paid directly from Internet Giants such as Amazon, Google Adsense, Commission Junction, ClickBank, and many others for the activity and sales that occur on your website! There is special coding integrated in your website that tracks your sales and earnings because of the affiliate partnership that has already been built into your website for you.

You Will Love The Automation That These Turnkey Websites Provide:

Every website we develop operates automatically. There are NO customer orders to fill, NO inventory to update, NO emails to answer, and there are NO special skills or coding required. Your affiliate partners handle all of this for you! There is nothing quite like the total automation that these niche websites provide; with automatic inventory updates and automatic news and blog feed updates. No wonder ABC Design Studio takes the lead in developing and selling quality websites businesses while providing outstanding service to clients all over the world. If you have ever dreamed of owning your own website business and you are looking for something that operates automatically, then this is the right business for you! If you don't feel that you are technically inclined, then this is definitely right for you! About 95% of our clients tell us they have never owned a website business before and they feel that they are not technical. When surveyed, our existing clients report how they love the automation that their websites provides.

How This Works:

When visitors go to your website and click on your Google Adsense ads or purchase anything from your advertising banners displayed on your website, download your eBooks, or purchase anything through your Amazon storefront, you will make money! It is that easy.

The website(s) you see listed for sale are the website businesse(s) you receive upon purchase. NO bait and switch. NO monthly fees. Each website comes with control panel access, FREE Domain Name transfer, FREE 7-day a week webmaster support, and multiple affiliate-linked revenue streams are already built into each website! Select your niche website from the left-side navigation to get started with owning that business today!




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What You Get

Affordable Turnkey Websites! Fully automated and linked to your own affiliate partner accounts for your revenue generation!
FREE Hosting For 1 Year with the purchase of any one of our Turnkey Website Businesses.
FREE Link Integration and setup of your website to ensure your website is properly set up to earn revenue for you.
FREE Marketing information that includes tips and tools to increase visitor traffic to your website.
FREE support, responsive and reliable! Available 7 days a week!
Unique Creative Solutions that can make your website really stand out!
FREE premium Domain Name specifically tailored to fit your website's niche and keywords.

"On deciding that I wanted to try a turnkey done-for-you affiliate marketing site, I scoured the market and researched the bulk of the turnkey site providers. ABC Design Studio was a clear standout in this field. Kendra and the team at ABC Design Studio did a great job with my site. But it's not just about the site; it's about the post-purchase service. Importantly, Kendra and team were always on hand to answer questions and to make suggestions. I would have no hesitation in recommending ABC Design Studio to anyone looking at a turnkey affiliate marketing site."
Bernard P.
Owner of
testimonial submitted on 14 April 2017

"Thank you so much Kendra for all your hard work on my behalf. I really appreciate your patience to help me navigate this new venture. I'm so glad that I found you. ABC Design Studio is the best!"
Mihretw Worku
Owner of
testimonial submitted on 28 March 2017

What Our Clients Say

Your level of service and quality of service is excellent and amazing.
Cathy Brenner
Owner of
testimonial submitted on
14 March 2017

Thank you for all your help and service, it's been first class!
Tom Bennett
Owner of
testimonial submitted on
1 October 2017

Thank you for my SEO campaign, and the entire ABC team for your outstanding work and great customer service that is second to none!
Andre Taylor
Owner of and
testimonial submitted on 16 March 2014


turnkey websites business opportunitiesI am extremely impressed with the great team at ABC Design Studio. They have been a pleasure to work with. The attention to detail and professionalism has been very comforting. I would highly recommend ABC to whoever is looking to get into the online business world. Thanks for all the hard work and look forward to a long and profitable relationship between our two outstanding organizations!
Jeff C. - Website Business Owner and loyal client since 1 September 2013.

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Free Web Hosting With All Turnkey Website Purchases!

Owning your own website is a great first step to starting an online business! And any website would be incomplete without a reliable web host provider. ABC Design Studio provides FREE hosting service for an entire year, unlike the "other guys" who charge hidden fees and hosting "set up" charges. We offer all the benefits of safe, reliable hosting absolutely free. What are you waiting for? Start shopping our turnkey websites today!

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